There are three in this litter, two males and one female. Igloo is an apricot Poodle, and she weighs 14#. Rocker is an all white Maltese, and he weighs 10#.

Breed: Maltipoo / Maltese-Poodle
Age: 19 weeks
D.O.B: February, 2 2024
Gender: Male
Allergy Scale: 4 - Hypoallergenic
Activity Level: Playful
Shedding: Very Low Shedding, if any
Expected Size: 14-16


About The Maltipoo / Maltese-Poodle:

A Malti-Poo is a mix between a Toy Poodle and a Maltese. A Malti-Poo is a no shed and a hypo-allergenic dog. This is a great choice for those of you with known allergies. They will have only one purpose in life and that is to be your little buddy who will want to do everything with their family. They are an intelligent and loving little pup. They are lively, playful and devote to their family. After play time they will enjoy curling up on the couch with you to take a short nap. They get along well with other pets and older children who know how to properly handle a small dog. Young children will be ok but should be supervised at all times. Even though a Malti-Poo is social with people it knows it may be cautious of strangers and alert you to an unknown visitor. They are eager to please and intelligent so training should be relatively easy. With the soft nature of them, no harsh words or actions should be used other than maybe a firm NO. Your voice tone alone will tell them you are displeased. Keep it positive and consistent and maybe a treat or two will get you where you need to go. Their coat will be a finer loose curl and will need to be combed out several times a week; it doesn't take very long to comb these little ones out. Use a hard comb or pin brush. You may need to trim our mats or around their face and back end. They will need to go to the groomers about every 8 weeks. Your Groomer will not only wash and clip them but will also trim their nails and pluck the hair out of their ears. Playing in the house will sustain most of their exercise needs and long walks will not be needed but short walks will be enjoyed. They will enjoy going outside with you and playing in the sunshine in the back yard as well. This is a good dog for the first time owner and will adapt to house or apartment living. This is the type of little one that you see poking their head out of a puppy stroller or a purse. A sweater for those cold winter months may be needed.


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