There are three in this litter, one male and two females. Destiny is an all white Maltese, and she weighs 7#. Kyle is an all white Maltese, and he weighs 8#. We will be selling this litter as pet quality and companion only, although they are registered, we do not guarantee breeding.

Breed: Maltese
Price: $1899.00
Age: 16 weeks
D.O.B: December, 19 2023
Gender: Male
Allergy Scale: 4 - Hypoallergenic
Activity Level: Playful
Shedding: Very Low Shedding, if any
Expected Size: 6-8


About The Maltese:

The Maltese is known to be one of the oldest breeds, originating from Malta, they are believed to date back to 500 BC, according to some it may even be 1500 BC. They are known for their shocking white coat. Maltese are non-shedding and are considered to be hypo-allergenic. Their biggest attribute is their personality; they make the most delightful little pet. They have the appearance of a stuffed little toy which wins everyone's heart. They are animated, clownish and happy; you can't stay mad at them very long. They are friendly, lovable and accepting of almost anyone anywhere. They have a positive and upbeat attitude, mixed with charm and affection. They are friendly, playful, social, eager to learn, can be a little sensitive, but still trainable and loyal. They are good with other pets and older children, young children tend to be a little rough and they (the dog) won't like that. Young children need to learn how to handle and respect this size of dog. Their activity needs are easily met rolling a ball down the hallway and playing in the house. Given their size one would think that they would only like the house, this is not true. They love to play in the yard and go for short walks to meet the neighbors. They have an excellent memory, training should be fairly easy. As stated they are a little sensitive so keep your training very upbeat and positive, limit your harsh words. A firm NO will be enough to get their attention. Only correct them if you catch them in the act of doing something wrong. If they get into something and you don't catch them, simply clean it up and say nothing. Be consistent and gentle and you will get what you want. The Maltese coat is beautiful but does require more work than most. Their hair is very fine and will twist and mat quickly. You will need to comb them with a hard comb every couple of days to maintain the look. If you do get a knot that you can't comb out you can cut it out, don't worry they won't miss it. They will need to go to the groomers every 8 weeks where your groomer will wash, clip, trim their nails and pluck any hair that might be in their ears. They truly make the perfect little lap dog. They will be good for any size house or apartment and good for the first time owner. I personally love the Maltese breed, they rank right up there as one of my favorites.


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