There are two females in this litter. Kailani is an all white Bichon Frise’, and she weighs 15#. Holden is a brown and white Havanese, and he weighs 10#.

Breed: Havachon / Havanese-Bichon
Age: 16 weeks
D.O.B: February, 28 2024
Gender: Female
Allergy Scale: 3 - Good Choice
Activity Level: Playful
Shedding: Very Low Shedding, if any
Expected Size: 12-14


About The Havachon / Havanese-Bichon:

A Havachon is a cross between a Havanese and a Bichon Frise. These little ones will not shed and will be very good for almost all of you with allergies. They are sensitive, playful, friendly and accommodating. They are affectionate with a good sense of humor. They are social and will take to just about anyone, not the best if you're looking for a guard dog. They will be good with children and will also love the company of other household pets. As their size is somewhat smaller, children should be taught how to properly handle a dog of this size and personality, they will not take kindly to rough handling. They are a sturdy playmate, even with the kids, and can be slightly athletic. This is a very good choice for the first time dog owner. The Havanese is slightly prone to barking so care must be taken to not and encourage that type of behavior, barking can be controlled, don't encourage excitability. When you first get home and they are barking more than you would like than simply ignore them for a minute until they calm down. Most of their exercise needs can be met running in the house and playing in the back yard. If you like going for short walks they will love to go with you as well. This is an intelligent dog so training should be relatively easy. Keep in mind their softer nature though. They will not like harsh words so keep it positive and use praise and treats to get the point across. There is some coat care to consider. They will need combed out several times a week with a hard comb or pin brush. This should keep their coat neat and without mats. They will also need to go to the groomers about every 8 weeks where your groomer will wash and clip them as well as do their nails and pluck any hair out of their ears. You will love the delightful personality they have.


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