There are three in this litter, two males and one female. Mom is an all white Bichon Frise’, and she weighs 13#. Dad is a black and tan Yorkshire Terrier, and he weighs 8#.

Breed: Yochon / Yorkie-Bichon
Price: $1899.00
Age: 11 weeks
D.O.B: July, 11 2023
Gender: Male
Allergy Scale: 4 - Hypoallergenic
Activity Level: Playful
Shedding: Very Low Shedding, if any
Expected Size: 10-12


About The Yochon / Yorkie-Bichon:

A YoChon is a mix between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Bichon. Yo-Chons are a very popular designer mix and carries may of the same traits as its cousin the Yorkie-Poo. They are loving, happy, brave and intelligent. They are alert, cheerful and also clever. They will want to be involved with the family and make a great companion. They are also very likely to pick a favorite that they will want to be around. They are not too mischievous and try to stay out of trouble; they can however be a bit stubborn. They will get along well with other pets and older children. This is not one that I would recommend for children under 10 years of age. Since this is a toy breed children must learn how to properly handle such a small dog. Socialization when they are young is recommended, get them used to the life style that you want them to grow up with. Their coat should stay on the straight side and be silky to the touch. They will need combed out with a hard comb or a pin brush several times a week. They will also need to go to the groomers every 8 to 12 weeks. Training a Yo-Chon is considered easier than a pure Yorkie. Keep in mind their stubborn side, your training should be consistent and direct. Words of praise using a "happy" voice and a few treats will help to reinforce your point. They will not require an abundant amount of exercise, running through the house will be ample along with a little romp in the yard. Long walks will not be necessary since most people will put them in a purse or stroller. These little ones are well suited for an apartment or small house. Due to their smaller size they may not be looking forward to going out in the winter, try piddle pads or artificial grass and place it in a designated area of the house. They can still learn an inside area and an outside area when the weather gets nicer. The happy and upbeat personality along with their ever giving love will make you a wonderful companion.


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