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There are four in this litter, we are selling one male and one female. Mom is an all white Bichon Frise’, and she weighs 16#. Dad is an all white Maltese, and he weighs 11#.

Breed: MaltiChon
Age: 14 weeks
D.O.B: August, 28 2021
Gender: Male
Allergy Scale: 4 - Hypo-Allergenic
Activity Level: Playful
Shedding: Will Not Shed
Expected Size: 12-14
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About the MaltiChon:

A Malti-Chon is a mix between a Maltese and a Bichon, they could be considered similar to its cousin the Malti-Poo. You will find the two mixes to be very much alike. A Malti-Chon will not shed and is considered a good choice for those of you with allergies. Their only purpose in life will be to be your little buddy, a companion dog, this they will serve well. They will be a lively and loving pup. Definitely are considered playful and active, also devote to their family. Most of their activity needs will easily be met in the house. They will still enjoy some outside time in the yard with you along with a short walk around the block, maybe. After play time, a nap on the couch or perhaps their own little pillow bed will be welcomed. They will be good with children and social to other pets as well. Young children need to learn how to handle and respect a small pup. They will enjoy play time but not rough housing. They will be loving and accepting of their family but may be cautious of strangers. They will most likely alert you to unknown visitors. Being a companion, they are eager to please and intelligent. They have a soft nature to them so your training methods will need to be that way as well. No harsh words or strong actions. A firm NO will be enough to get your point across. Keep your training direct and consistent and use praise plus treats. If you find your little one being a little stubborn than we would suggest that you enroll in puppy classes, this will help you and the dog. Their coat will be more straight, to keep it that way you will want to use a hard comb or pin brush, do not use a slicker brush, this will need to be done several times a week. You will also need to go to the groomers about every eight weeks to tidy them up. Your groomer will wash, clip, trim their nails and check to see if there is any hair in their ears that would need plucked. This pup is a good consideration for the first time owner and will adapt to apartment or house living arrangements.
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