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There are six in this litter, we are selling two males and one female. Mom is a golden colored Golden Retriever, and she weighs 45#. Dad is a golden colored Golden Retriever, and he weighs 55#. We will be selling this litter as pet quality and companion only; they are pure bred but will come with no papers for breeding rights.

Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 11 weeks
D.O.B: May, 28 2022
Gender: Male
Allergy Scale: 1 - Won’t Work
Activity Level: Active
Shedding: Will Shed
Expected Size: 40-50
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About the Golden Retriever:

The Golden Retriever has one of the most successful breeding histories amongst dogs and this is well documented. They were bred in England in the 1800s to be able to push through heavy foliage and to swim in cold water for long distances to gently retrieve game. Goldens were brought to America in the early 1900s and were first recognized as a distinct breed in 1912. They quickly went from a hunting dog to a show and obedience dog and then an extremely popular pet. The personality and temperament of a Golden, well it speaks for itself. There is nothing like them. Golds are noble and proud, they are self-confident. They do have a sensitive side and are considered to be highly intelligent and adaptable. They are without doubt one of the most popular pets around. They are an unbelievable companion that is sturdy, strong, and kind. They are however not the greatest guard dog, they tend to not bark an awful lot plus they tend to love everyone. A Gold will get along with almost everyone, they will adore the kids while being patient and kind with them as they crawl all over them, they will be best friends to your best friends and they will even tolerate and play with the little ankle bitter that you already have in the house that is bossing them around. They will warm up to strangers but may be a little cautious at first. They are incredibly devoted to their family with an eager to please mentality. This comes in handy at training time. Although they will be happy to lie at your feet and watch TV they will need some play time outside. Running in the house, maybe not a great idea if your house is small, will only satisfy some of their activity needs. They are an outside dog who will love to be there even in the snow, they do like to play in the snow and catch snow balls, and you can watch the kids and the dog, with cocoa, from the kitchen window. They will enjoy walks, runs or runs besides your bike. They will be happy all the day to go to the doggie parks and met their friends. They are also very social. A Golden does have a double coat and will shed. An undercoat rake will pull out the bottom coat while a slicker brush will work the top coat. You will want to comb them regularly to control shedding. You will find you biggest shed time to be in the spring. Your food choice will also help with shedding, use a natural food that does not contain corn; this will keep the skin and hair soft and not brittle as a food with corn will do. A gentle approach to training will work best, due to their sensitive nature they will respond poorly to harsh words or treatment. They learn quickly and are great candidates for therapy dogs. All in all, a Gold is simply loving and loveable!
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