There are six in this litter, we are selling one male. Lilly is a black and white Cocker Spaniel, and she weighs 23#. Chalk is a blue and white Cocker Spaniel, and he weighs 26#. We will be selling this litter as pet quality and companion only, although they are registered, we do not guarantee breeding.

Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Price: $1899.00
Age: 16 weeks
D.O.B: February, 17 2023
Gender: Male
Allergy Scale: 1 - Won’t Work
Activity Level: Playful
Shedding: Will Shed
Expected Size: 20-25


About The Cocker Spaniel:

The Cocker Spaniel is originally from England and was brought to the States in the 1800s. Since the early 1930s the American Cocker and the English Cocker are recognized as two different breeds, the American Cocker is much smaller. The Cocker was and still is, used as a hunting dog to flush out prey from the brush. The Cocker is intelligent and cheerful; they are active and lively and of course love the outdoors. They are affectionate and are very loyal to their family. They are eager to please their owners and make a fantastic pet. Cockers do get a bad rap, Grandma had one and it didn't like anyone but Grandma, which is only because, that is how Grandma socialized the dog from the start. A properly socialized Cocker will be a great addition to any family. They get along well with other pets and generally love everyone, especially the children. They are happy, as are most Spaniels, and they do love to play. Some of their exercise needs will be met running around the house but they will require some outside time as well. They do love the fresh air, playing in the back yard, helping with the outdoor chores, walks around the block and of course going to the doggie parks to see their friends. Cockers are also known for enjoying the water. A Cocker is a family dog and will want to be with you. If you don't give them attention they will come looking for it. They need plenty of love, attention and devotion from their family. The Cocker comes in a wide variety of colors; their coat is smooth and medium length. Since they do shed you will want to use a slicker brush on them to remove any dead hairs. I would also suggest that you feed a natural diet that does not have corn in it, this will keep their coat nice and shiny and soft, they will shed less on a natural diet. This will also help with any ear infections, and they are known for that. Most people do get their Cockers groomed about every 8 to 12 weeks, this keeps them looking nice and the groomer will also help to watch the ears. If you don't know how to clean dogs ears, you should ask your vet or groomer how so you can do this at home. A Cocker is eager to please and quite willing to learn, however they also have an obstinate side to them which may make them harder to house train than most. Some people think that a Cocker is stupid, they are not, and they just tend to be bullheaded. Use a very direct approach, your methods should be very consistent. Use plenty of praise and some treats to help them understand what it is that you expect. They will catch on.


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