There are two in this litter, one male and one female. Mom is a black and white Cocker Spaniel, and she weighs 28#. Dad is tri black Cavalier King Charles, and he weighs 18#.

Breed: Cockalier / Cocker-Cavalier
Price: $1699.00
Age: 15 weeks
D.O.B: February, 20 2023
Gender: Male
Allergy Scale: 1 - Won’t Work
Activity Level: Playful
Shedding: Will Shed
Expected Size: 18-22


About The Cockalier / Cocker-Cavalier:

A Cockalier is yet another twist to the wonderful personality of the King Charles Cavalier. This is a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. They are an intelligent pup with a very friendly personality. They will be extremely loyal to their family as well as affectionate and loving and will take to almost anyone. They will not make a great watchdog. They are gentle and will make an excellent companion dog. They will be content to sit by your side and watch TV with you. They are good with other pets and great with children of all ages. They would prefer a slightly calmer house as an overly active one may tire them out. They are playful and will enjoy games of toss and tug. Most of their needs will be met in the house however, being a Spaniel they will also enjoy going outside for play time and walks. They are a very social dog and will enjoy meting the neighbor dogs around the block. They will have the "Happy Tail" effect of the Cavalier, they are always happy to see you even if you only walked to the mail box. They will adapt to many different lifestyles and will be just as happy in an apartment as they are a big house, the only constant that they need is you. Being a double Spaniel their coat will do the same, they will have a smooth coat that is longer in length with feathering occurring around the legs, tail and ears. A slicker brush will work well to remove any dead hairs and keep their coat tangle free. Feed them a natural diet to insure that they maintain a good coat quality and this will keep them looking shinny and soft. You can bathe them as needed in the laundry tub, again use a natural shampoo that is designed for dogs. Being in the Spaniel family they could have a little stubborn side to them. You will want your training to be direct and consistent and have a little patience. They do want to please you so use that. Make everything positive and reward with treats. They have a soft nature to them so harsh words won't work well, a firm NO is enough to get your point across. For the first time owner we would suggest that you enroll in some puppy classes, this will help you and the dog. These little tail waggers will win your heart.


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