Our Price: $1899.00

There are seven in this litter, we are selling two males and one female. Mom is a red merle Australian Shepherd, and she weighs 40#. Dad is a red Poodle, and he weighs 18#.

Breed: Aussiedoodle, Mini
Age: 13 weeks
D.O.B: September, 4 2021
Gender: Male
Allergy Scale: 2 - Might Work
Activity Level: Active
Shedding: Low Shed
Expected Size: 20-25
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About the Aussiedoodle, Mini:

An Aussidoodle is a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. The Poodle could be a Standard or a Mini; in this case its a Mini. We are selling them as a low shed, meaning they may drop clumps of hair instead of a full shed. These guys will also be a low allergy, someone with minor allergies will probably be ok but for those of you with more severe allergies we would not recommend this pup. :( They will be very intelligent and eager to please their master. They will be loyal and devoted and bond closely with you. This will be an excellent dog for the family, great with children, and they do love the kids, and will also do well with other pets. They will be confident and lively and will remain playful well into adulthood. While you're away from the house you may want to invest in some intra-active toys to keep their minds busy that will be much better than chewing on your shoes. They will be an excellent companion and would be a good choice for the first time owner. They may be shy and cautious around strangers but will let you know of their concerns about them. They will be affectionate and kindhearted. They will play in the house, this will fill some of their exercise needs, and however they will need some outside time as well. Playing fetch in the back yard a nice walk around the block or at the doggie parks to meet new friends. Training should be relatively easy with these guys. They are not head strong but very responsive to you. Use a lot of positive praise and a few treats to get your point across and watch how well they do. Their coat is usually wavy to a loose curl so some grooming will be necessary. Use a pin brush to comb out several times a week; this should keep them looking good. You may opt for a trip to the groomers occasionally to keep their hair at a length that you like. This will be a very fun pup to own and we know you will enjoy them.
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