There are seven in this litter, four males and three females. Cindy is a brindle and white Boxer, and she weighs 60#. Blackjack is a black and white Boxer, and he weighs 70#. We will be selling this litter as pet quality and companion only, although they are registered, we do not guarantee breeding.

Breed: Boxer
Age: 12 weeks
D.O.B: April, 17 2024
Gender: Male
Allergy Scale: 1 - Won’t Work
Activity Level: Playful
Shedding: Will Shed
Expected Size: 65-75


About The Boxer:

The Boxer originates from Germany where they used the Bulldog to develop the breed. Originally used to chase, bite, and hold onto large game such as dear and boar. This is no longer the purpose. You will find the German lines to be a little larger than the American version. Boxers come in three main colors, fawn, brindle (black with fawn strips) and reverse brindle (fawn with black strips). You can also find boxers in white or black. Almost all Boxers have some sort of white markings on them; the whiter they have the more we call it flash. They are happy, friendly, intelligent, attentive, and loyal. They develop strong, close bonds with their family. They are known to be excellent with children of all ages. They are good with other pets if socialized at an early age; they can however be aggressive toward other dogs that they perceive as a threat. They are active and playful with energy to burn; they do this in a clownish way. They like to grab and carry around just about anything they can get into their mouths. They will tend to get a little rowdy if there food bowl is empty. They make excellent guardians of their family, one would think twice before entering a house with a Boxer that does not know you, they tend to have a very serious demeanor. Exercise needs for these guys will require more than rough play in the house. A back yard to run and play, a walk around the block or a ride besides you on the bike should help. Please keep in mind that they have a short muzzle and do not breathe well on hot and humid days. Play time on days like that should be early morning or late day. To keep from getting board on days that we are house bound, try some intra-active toys to keep their minds occupied. Training is relatively easy due to their intelligence and eagerness to please. Use some of that "good ole boy" type of praise coupled with a few treats and you will get what you want. Keep in mind that they do like to jump because they are so happy to see you, don't let them do this, not even at an early age. A 60# dog jumping on and adult is no fun let alone a child. At an early age don't encourage this behavior. Grooming for them is relatively easy. Their coat is short, smooth and soft. Feed an all-natural food to keep it that way and use a curry brush on them a couple times a week to pull out any dead hairs. This is an excellent family dog for the first time owner.


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