There are six in this litter, five males and one female. Avery is a black and white Boston Terrier, and she weighs 18#. Buddy Boy is a red and white Boston Terrier, and he weighs 25#. We will be selling this litter as pet quality and companion only, although they are registered, we do not guarantee breeding.

Breed: Boston
Age: 11 weeks
D.O.B: April, 24 2024
Gender: Male
Allergy Scale: 1 - Won’t Work
Activity Level: Playful
Shedding: Will Shed
Expected Size: 20-25


About The Boston:

The Boston Terrier originates here in the States. They were originally created by breeding a mix of bull and terrier type breed. After trying a variety of different names they settled on the name of Boston Terrier. A Boston is a very playful, affectionate and loving breed that was bred down from the fighting ring to become an excellent family pet. The Boston Terrier will learn quickly as they really want to please their owner. This breed is very capable of taking charge of the family if you don't control them. They are a very intelligent breed but they are a Terrier so that will make them a little stubborn. It is imperative that a firm and consistent pack leader take charge from a young age. It is very possible for this willful breed to develop Small Dog Syndrome, so it is necessary to exert yourself as the pack leader from a young age. They will respond best to a firm, yet affectionate approach to training. For a family that may have only had a dog or two we would highly encourage that you start with some basic puppy classes and from there maybe enlisting the help of a professional trainer. These guys are not typically utilized as a guard dog, however, it is not uncommon for them to bark when necessary. The Boston is an energetic, friendly and gentle breed that is known for their exceptional character. They are known to be very will mannered and enjoy the company of children of all ages. The Boston is also recommended as a great companion for the elderly. They do not have much of a prey instinct like other terriers, they get along good with other animals in the house. As stated earlier, they are a very active dog and will require more than just running around the house. Daily walks or a good romp in the fenced in back yard will suffice. They also will enjoy a trip to the doggie parks as they are very social. They have a short coat which requires minimal care. Brush daily with a bristle brush or rubber curry comb. This is a wonderful breed to be around, they are a lot of fun and great with the kiddos.


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