Age: 14 weeks
D.O.B.: 07/13/2019
Gender: Female

Allergy Scale: 4 - Hypo-Allergenic

Activity Level: Active

Shedding: Will Not Shed

Expected Size: 14-16 lbs.

Price: $SOLD

There are two in this litter, one male and one female, both are red. The male is taking after his dad in size and will be Toy size for this mix. Mom is an all white Coton and she weighs 16#. Dad is a red Toy Poodle and he weighs 8#.

About This Breed:

A Tonapoo is a mix between a Coton de Tulear and a Poodle. What a nice mix this is. This one is a lot of fun and a lot of love. This pup is a no shed dog and is also hypo-allergenic. Their current function will be that of a companion and playmate. They love the outdoors and will enjoy helping you with the yard work, going to the doggies parks or running around the back yard. Their bond to family is very strong. They are friendly and alert but may be cautious of strangers. They can be a little barky if you reinforce and encourage that behavior. They are intelligent and trainable however they may have an obstinate side that will require a more consistent approach or even some basic puppy classes. The Poodle side should help with this. Keep your training on the positive side, be consistent and patient. They are an alert watchdog and will warn you if something does not seem right. They are agile and love games of tug and ball. They have a happy go lucky attitude with a little side of love. They are very good with children of all ages and will also do well with other pets. They are happy playing in the house and this will work for most of their exercise needs. Don’t forget some outside time with them as well, walks around the block or whatever, just some sunshine. They will most likely enjoy being around the water as well. Their coat is very soft and will require some attention. You will want to comb them out two or three times a week to keep them from matting. Use a hard comb to accomplish this. They will need to go to the groomers about every 8 weeks. If you keep them in a puppy cut it is much easier to maintain. This is a great dog for the first time owner and fits well into almost any family.