Age: 15 weeks
D.O.B.: 11/10/2019
Gender: Female

Allergy Scale: 1 - Won't Work

Activity Level: Very Active

Shedding: Will Shed

Expected Size: 20-25 lbs.

There are six in this litter, we are selling one male and one female. This litter will come with an application for registration with AKC. Mom and dad are both pure bred Shelties and both are registered with AKC. Mom is sable and white and she weighs 17#. Dad is sable and white and he weighs 25#. We will be selling this litter as pet quality and companion only, although they are registered, we do not guarantee breeding.

About This Breed:

Shetland Sheepdog originate from Scotland. Shelties are highly intelligent and with a nature that is eager to please. They should do well with all types of training; tricks and agility are not out of the question. They are affectionate, devote and loyal to their family. They will most likely be cautious of strangers and will alert you to their presence. It will be very important to properly socialize them from the beginning so that you don’t end up with an adult that is overly shy. They are an excellent family dog that will be great with children of all ages as well as other pets. They may try to herd the younger children. They are very alert and will warn you if something is concerning to them. You will want to watch excessive barking, do not encourage this type of behavior. They are very excitable thus will bark more when you first come home. If you play with them as soon as you get home this may get them overly excited. It is recommended to ignore them the first couple of minutes and let them settle down then go and pet and play with them. Puppy classes or the use of a professional trainer would be a great idea for a first-time owner. They have an upbeat personality and always appear to be happy. They are an active dog with plenty of energy to burn. Playing in the house is OK but they will need some outside time, which they love, in the back yard or a good walk around the block. Make sure that they have some intra-active toys as well if you are going to be gone long. Training should be easy, positive praise and treats to reinforce what it is you want them to do. They do have a softer nature to them so they will not take kindly to harsh words or harassment and the kids need to not rough house to much with them. A firm NO will suffice. Sheltie’s have a double coat and will shed so brush them out with a hard comb every couple of days. Maintenance of their coat is a must. You will not need to go to the groomers unless you want to wash them up and maybe trim them up a bit for summertime. DO NOT completely cut their coat, this is what protects them from the sun. This will be a good dog for the first time owner and for a household that has an active lifestyle.