Age: 15 weeks
D.O.B.: 10/09/2018
Gender: Male

Allergy Scale: 2 - Might Work

Activity Level: Active

Shedding: Will Not Shed

Expected Size: 16-20 lbs.

There are five in this litter, we are selling one cream male and two females, one cream and one apricot gold. Mom and dad are both pure bred Pekingese’s and both are cream in color.  Mom weighs 16# and dad weighs 19#. We will be selling this litter as pet quality and companion only, this means that they are pure bred but will come with no papers for breeding rights or show potential.

About This Breed:


The Pekingese’s country of origin is China. They were known as the Little Lion Dog of Peking. They are also known as a sleeve dog because it’s said that the Chinese royalty carried the little Pekes in the sleeves of their robes. Since Pekes were bred for royalty, their purpose as you would guess is companionship. Pekes love to give kisses so be prepared. They are not only favored overseas but here in the states as well. They are a social little dog that loves to romp with its family. A Peke can be somewhat stubborn but never loses its courage or dignity for a moment. They are even tempered, intelligent and affectionate but can be a little demanding. They are loyal and devoted to their family. The Peke is not known to be a barky dog but they are cautious of strangers and may bark their disapproval. They will be good with older children and other pets. Since they are not overly active as adults your children may get bored. Their activity needs are easily met in the house but still love to go out especially in the winter. Keep in mind their short nose and muzzle, they don’t breath well when it is hot and humid, make your outside time early in the day or late in the day, try to avoid mid-day. Being from China they really do like the cold and have a built in coat to handle it. They will be best trained with gentleness, consistency, and great patience. Use kind words and treats and try to limit your scolding to nothing more than a firm NO. Anything harsher than that and you will hurt their feelings. Do this and they will be your best buddy. Pekes are a no shed dog and have a beautiful long flowing coat. It will be easier to maintain if you keep it a little shorter. Comb them two to three times a week with a hard comb or pin brush. They will need to go to the groomers about every eight weeks where your groomer will wash, clip, trim their nails and pluck any hair out of their ears. I personally love Pekes, their personality and happiness towards you is pretty awesome. This is an excellent choice for a calmer home life.