Age: 14 weeks
D.O.B.: 03/13/2018
Gender: Male

Allergy Scale: 1 - Won't Work

Activity Level: Active

Shedding: Will Shed

Expected Size: 14-16 lbs.

There are three in this litter, we are selling one boy. This litter will come with an application for registration with ACA. Mom and dad are both pure bred Papillons and both are registered with ACA. Mom is red and white in color and she weighs 12#. Dad is sable and white in color and he weighs 16#. We will be selling this litter as pet quality and companion only, although they are registered we do not guarantee breeding or show potential.

About This Breed:


The Papillon originates from France, the word Papillon means butterfly and is named for their ears. The Papillons coat is long, smooth to the body and silky. The tufts of hair that flow from their ears are simply beautiful. Papillion’s are an excellent companion dog, this is what they were breed for and do it very well. They are also known for their ability to “mouse”, not something they do often but don’t be surprised to find one at the back door. Despite their dainty body they are much sturdier than one would think and will rough it up with anyone. They are relatively comfortable in all climates and love the outdoors. Their delicate appearance makes you want to carry them everywhere but they prefer to romp in the yard or walk besides you on the leash. A Papillon is lively and loves to play and will get most of its exercise needs running in the house but, as stated, still loves to go out and tear around the yard with you (or the kids). They are quite a social little dog with their family, and will do well with children and other pets. They should be socialized to the family environment that you wish. Very young children should learn how to properly handle a small dog. They may be wary of strangers but are very loving to their family. If trained from the start to accept strangers, they do make an excellent candidate for a therapy dog as well. They are intelligent and are considered to be an obedient pet. They have an inherent desire to please so use this to your advantage. Your training with them will need to be consistent but gentle. Always keep it positive using praise as well as some treats. They do have a more gentle nature to them and will not do well with harsh words from their owner. Their coat will require some combing a couple times a week. Use a slicker brush for their body; pay extra attention to the feathering that will be on their chest, legs and tail. Any mats that might appear behind the ears can easily be clipped out with a pair of scissors. This is a very happy and upbeat dog that will bring many smiles to all.