Age: 11 weeks
D.O.B.: 02/06/2018
Gender: Female

Allergy Scale: 2 - Might Work

Activity Level: Active

Shedding: Will Not Shed

Expected Size: 16-20 lbs.

There are two in this litter, one female that is white and brown and has blue eyes and one female that is cream. This litter will come with an application for registration with ACA. Mom and dad are both pure bred Lhasa Apsos and both are registered with ACA. Mom is cream and white in color and she weighs 18#. Dad is brown and white and he weighs 18#. We will be selling this litter as pet quality and companion only, although they are registered we do not guarantee breeding or show potential.

About This Breed:


The Lhasa Apso is an ancient oriental breed along with its cousins the Pekingese and the Shih Tzu. A Lhasa is a non-shedding dog but will not be good for those of you with allergies. This litter has a very typical Lhasa personality. A little more laid back with a loving side.  They will have a sensitive personality and nature to them; they will not take kindly to harsh words or treatment.  They will be very loving and loyal to their family and bond well. They will be cautious of strangers and will let you know if there is something they don’t like.  Their playfulness should be more on the gentle side. They will adapt to your family’s life style. They will make a good companion and will love nothing more than to see you walk through the door, and of course an occasional belly rub. They will be good with older children and other pets if they are properly socialized that way. Their exercise needs will easily be met running around the house. They won’t mind going outside either for a little play time. Short walks around the block will be enjoyable as will a trip to the doggie parks.  Training should be consistent with a touch of patience on your side as the Lhasa is known for being a little bull headed.  With their softer nature keep your methods positive, no harsh words or attitudes use some good old fashion praise and a treat or two to get the point across. They will catch on. Their coat, which will be long and straight, will need to be combed out several times a week using a hard comb or a slicker brush. They will also need to go to the groomers about every 8 weeks. The softer nature of this pup will fit well into a quieter setting.