SIENNA-Husky-Mo (Mini Husky) SOLD

Age: 14 weeks
D.O.B.: 05/10/2019
Gender: Female

Allergy Scale: 1 - Won't Work

Activity Level: Very Active

Shedding: Will Shed

Expected Size: 25-35 lbs.

Price: $SOLD

There are six in this litter, we are selling one silver female and one all cream female.  Mom is a black and silver Husky and she weighs 65#. Dad is an all white Eskimo and he weighs 25#.

About This Breed:

A Husky-Mo or Mini Husky is a mix between a Siberian Husky and an American Eskimo. They will be adventurous, clever and stubborn. They are a strong willed dog who has a mind of its own. This will be your biggest challenge as an owner. They are not the greatest watch dog since they tend to like everyone. Their size should be about half of a regular Husky. They are loyal and loving with their family. A fenced yard, and I don’t mean an invisible fence, will keep them in the yard and out of trouble. If given the opportunity to run, they will. It’s in their blood. They are full of energy and will require a fair amount of play time outside. In the summer months please provide them with plenty of water and some shade to get out of the sun if they wish. Winter is another story; they absolutely love it and will most likely not willingly want to come in. Playing in the house will help but will not be sufficient. Some intra-active toys will also help to keep their minds occupied. A Husky that does not get enough exercise or stimuli may become destructive. They are great with children however due to their agility and strength supervision during play time is a must. They are good with other pets if socialized properly from the start. We would highly, highly recommend Puppy training classes here so that you end up with a pup you can control. An uncontrollable Husky-Mo will be nothing short of a nightmare. Please do your job as an owner and train them, or have them trained, properly. They will shed a lot, use a slicker brush or rake brush to pull out any loose hairs. In the spring they will drop their coat so you will need a de-shedding tool or blade. They are great pets for the active family and will enjoy your company as much as you do theirs. Despite all the cautions given, this is still a very wonderful dog that is full of life.