Age: 13 weeks
D.O.B.: 07/23/2018
Gender: Male

Allergy Scale: 1 - Won't Work

Activity Level: Active

Shedding: Will Shed

Expected Size: 25-35 lbs.

There are two in this litter, one male and one female, both are black and have a Boston look.  Mom is a black and white Boston and she weighs 25#. Dad is a fawn colored Frenchie and he weighs 35#.

About This Breed:


A Frenchton is a mix between a Boston Terrier and a French Bulldog. They will have a sensitive but lively personality and will have the intelligence of both the Boston and the Frenchie, both in their own right are very smart dogs. They will be very loving and loyal to their family and bond well. They are very playful and active. They will adapt to your family’s life style. They will make a good companion and will love nothing more than to see you walk through the door. They will be good with older children and other pets if they are properly socialized that way. Their exercise needs will easily be met running around the house. They won’t mind going outside either for a little play time, in fact they will enjoy it, even in the winter although you may need a coat for them. Short walks around the block will be enjoyable as will a trip to the doggie parks. Training should be easy given the intelligence of them. However be cautious of some obstinance that will most likely rear its head, you can thank the Boston for that. Keep your training very consistent and to the point, use some good old fashion praise and a treat or two to get the point across. If you let them get away with murder they are very likely to do so. You will have no one to blame but yourself. They will catch on in their own time. Their coat will be straight and short and will need to be combed out several times a week using a rubber curry brush to remove dead hairs. This will be a fun one for the kids even given their size.