Age: 12 weeks
D.O.B.: 05/24/2019
Gender: Female

Allergy Scale: 4 - Hypo-Allergenic

Activity Level: Active

Shedding: Will Not Shed

Expected Size: 16-20 lbs.

Price: $1329

There are three in this litter, one brown and white male and two all white females. Mom and dad are both pure bred Cotons and both are all white.  Mom weighs 16# and dad weighs 18#. We will be selling this litter as pet quality and companion only; this means that they are pure bred but will come with no papers for breeding rights or show potential.

About This Breed:

The Coton originates from the southern part of Madagascar and was developed in the 1600's. They are closely related to the Bichon Frise. Their cottony coat is how they get their name. Coton in French means cotton and the word Tulear is the southern area of Madagascar that they are from. They are considered a no shed and a hypo-allergenic dog. We will be selling this litter as pet quality which means they are pure bred but will come with no papers for breeding rights. Their current function is that of a companion and playmate, you’ll find they live up to this. They love the outdoors and will enjoy weekend camping trips, a day as the doggie park or just running around the back yard. Their bond and devotion to their family is strong. They are friendly and alert but may be a little cautious around strangers. They can be a little barky if you reinforce and encourage that behavior. They are intelligent and trainable however they may have an obstinate side that will require a more consistent approach or even some basic puppy classes; you can thank the Bichon for that. Keep your training on the positive side, be consistent and patient. They are an alert watchdog and will warn you if something does not seen right. They are agile and love games and can be taught fly ball or even agility. They have a happy go lucky attitude. A Coton is a good match for children of all ages and does well with other pets. They are happy playing in the house and this will work for most of their exercise needs. As stated earlier, they like going outside so will enjoy games in the yard as well as walks around the block. For those of you with pools or boats, Cotons do like the water as well. Their coat is soft, long with a slight wave to it, this will require combing to be done three times a week to keep them from matting. Their hair is very soft and is prone to matting. Use a hard comb only with them, this will allow you to get down to the skin where a mat would first form. They will need to go to the groomers about every 8 weeks. Your groomer will wash them up, clip them, trim their nails and pluck the hair out of their ears. Most people when having them clipped will put them into a puppy cut, a shorter coat is much less maintenance. You will enjoy the personality of these guys, loving, warm and soft natured.