Age: 5 months
D.O.B.: 10/01/2019
Gender: Female

Allergy Scale: 2 - Might Work

Activity Level: Active

Shedding: Low Shed

Expected Size: 14-16 lbs.

There are two girls in this litter, one is brown and white and the other is black and white.  Mom is a brown and white Cockapoo and weighs 18#. Dad is a parti black and white Toy Poodle and he weighs 8#.

About This Breed:

A Cockapoo is a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. This along with the Schnoodle is what started the designer mix trend of today.  A Cockapoo is known for their pleasant and upbeat temperament. They have plenty of loyalty and patience. They are outgoing and eager for the company of their family and bond well with all the people in their life. They may grow unhappy if left alone for too long which may lead to them getting in trouble. They have a kind and gentle disposition to them. This makes them an ideal family pet. They are great with children and other pets as well. Out of puppyhood, they are not a high energy dog. They will play a nice game of roll the ball but will also be happy sitting at your feet. Their activity will be on the calmer side and most of their exercise needs will be met romping in the house or back yard. They will also enjoy the fresh air of a short walk around the block. They are an intelligent dog and since they are eager to please training should be fairly easy. They could pull a little stubbornness from the Cocker side but hopefully the Poodle side will help with that. Be consistent and use a lot of positive praise. If you find them not doing what it is you want then I would suggest that you enroll them into some puppy classes before things get out of control. Due to the curliness of their coat this will need to be combed out several times a week with a hard comb to keep the mats away. They will also need to go to the groomers about every 8 to 12 weeks. We sell a Cockapoo as a low shed, meaning they will probably drop a clump or two. The Poodle will help a little with the allergies but I would not consider this a great choice for someone with allergies. They will make a nice family addition.