Age: 4 months
D.O.B.: 10/02/2019
Gender: Female

Allergy Scale: 2 - Might Work

Activity Level: Active

Shedding: Low Shed

Expected Size: 16-20 lbs.

There are four in this litter, we are selling one male and two females. Mom is a tri black Cavalier and she weighs 22#. Dad is a brown and white Shih Tzu and he weighs 14#.

About This Breed:


This is a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Shih Tzu. Cavalier mixes continue to be one of the most popular mixes. They are a very gentle and loving companion dog with a lite playful side. They are affectionate with a strong desire to please. They are a little outgoing in their personality but can be also be sensitive; you will want to watch any type of harsh words or treatment with them. Their tails never stop and they are always happy, a nice greeting when you come home and have had a bad day. This is the perfect dog for the empty nester or the first time owner. They are great with other pets and children. They will make nearly the ideal pet, lots of personality. They adapt well to any environment. Most of their activity needs will easily be met in the house as their play is more on the gentle side. They will still enjoy outdoor activities with you and walks around the block or trips to the doggie parks. They are an intelligent dog with a high desire to please their owner. They may be a little stubborn because of the Shih Tzu so a consistent approach with positive praise and treats will help to overcome that. They are considered to be a low shed and low allergy dog. If your allergies are more serious these guys will not work for your family. You will need to comb their coat out a couple times a week with a slicker brush for the straighter coat and a hard comb for the curly ones. They will most likely not need to go to the groomers unless you want them cleaned up a little. Any washing can be done in the laundry tub. You will want to use a shampoo that is Ph balanced for dogs and it should also be a natural shampoo that does not have the chemical base of your cheaper shampoos. This is a great family dog who wants nothing more than to be with you.