Age: 10 weeks
D.O.B.: 11/04/2017
Gender: Female

Allergy Scale: 1 - Won't Work

Activity Level: Light

Shedding: Low Shed

Expected Size: 20-25 lbs.

There are three in this litter, one boy and two girls, they are all black and white. Mom is a Cavapoo, she is black and white and she weighs 15#. Dad is a King Charles Cavalier, he is tri black and he weighs 17#.

About This Breed:

A Cavapoo is a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. Cavalier mixes continue to be one of the most popular due to their unbelievable personality and that happy tail that never stops. A Cavapoo will carry many of the same great traits as its cousin the Cavachon. We will sell this mix as a low shed, the Cavalier breed does shed but the Poodle does not. They will not be good for allergy sufferers. Their temperament and personality are hard to beat, like a pure Cavalier, they are always happy to see you no matter what. They are loyal, friendly and loving. They have a great desire to please their owner. They are awesome with other pets and with children of all ages. Because of their soft nature they will not like rough housing or any type of harsh treatment, verbal or handling. Their play is considered to be very gentle so they will not play ball in the back yard for hours on end. This may not be a bad thing for some of you empty nesters however those of you with kids who want a more active type of pup a Cavapoo may not work. Most of their exercise needs will be met in the house. They will however enjoy some outside time as well. A nice simple walk around the block or just in the back yard with you as you plant those spring flowers. They are friendly and accepting of everyone so they will not make a good alarm system. Being a Spaniel, they are considered to be intelligent so training should not be too difficult. As stated earlier, they won’t like harshness, keep it positive with some treats to reinforce what it is you want them to do. Remember they want to please so help them to understand that, this is the key to training. Reward good behaviors, correct bad behavior only if you catch them, otherwise ignore it. These guys will need combed out a couple times a week with a slicker brush to pull out any dead hairs. You can take them to groomers as needed to bathe and clean them up. This is a great dog for the first time owner; they are designed for one thing, to be your buddy!