Riggs~Cavalier King Charles $1699.00

Age: 4 months
D.O.B.: 06/27/2020
Gender: Male

Allergy Scale: 1 - Won't Work

Activity Level: Active

Shedding: Will Shed

Expected Size: 18-22 lbs.

There are four in this litter, two tri black males and two Blenheim males. Mom is a Blenheim Cavalier and she weighs 18#. Dad is a ruby red Cavalier and he weighs 22#. We will be selling this litter as pet quality and companion only; they are pure bred but will come with no papers for breeding rights.

About This Breed:

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was originally bred for royalty. The King of Great Britain in the 1700′s developed the breed using the King Charles Spaniel but the Cavalier has a longer muzzle and a heavier build. This pampered pooch was the hit of the palace and is now the pampered pet of many. Cavaliers come in four main colors: Ruby, which is a solid reddish-brown, Blenheim, which is red and white, Tri-Black, which is a black and white body with tan markings on the face and legs, and Black and Tan, which is a solid black body with tan markings on the face and legs. Due to their personality and temperament they make the ideal house pet. They are a great choice for you empty nesters and are a great consideration for the first time pet owner. They are good with kids, strangers and other pets. They are always happy and are known for a “happy tail” which never stops; this is a nice greeting to come home to. Their goal in life is to make you happy, they are even tempered, kind and gentle. They adapt to new surrounding easily, they will be just as happy in an apartment as a large house. They carry themselves gracefully and are nothing short of a beautiful animal. They are a more submissive breed and are very obedient. Their play needs, lite as they may be, will be easily met in the house, they will still enjoy the outdoors with you and a nice walk around the block will be welcomed. They are not overly active but enjoy quality time and socialization with the family. They are considered intelligent and patient, given their gentle nature they will not take to any type of harsh words or handling. Be consistent with your training methods, use treats and lots of praise to keep it on the positive side. A firm NO will be all they need to hear to know that you are not happy about something. Grooming is not too difficult, they have a short undercoat with a longer topcoat that will need brushed a couple times a week using a slicker brush. You will not need to go to the groomers unless you want them washed up, this can also be easily done in the laundry tub. The fringe in their ears and chest are likely to get knotted if not kept combed out, you can also trim them with a pair of scissors. A Cavalier is one of my favorite breeds, those deep brown eyes showing such a gentle and loving side and their easy going personality fits well into a quieter home setting.