ARYA-Mini Bulldog

Age: 11 weeks
D.O.B.: 03/08/2019

Gender: female
Allergy Scale: 1
Activity Level: 3
Shedding: Will shed
Expected Size: 35-40#

There eight in this litter, we are selling one brindle and white very chunky female. Mom is a fawn Mini Bulldog and she weighs 30#. Dad is a brindle and white AKC English Bulldog and he weighs 55#.

About This Breed:


A Mini Bulldog is and English Bulldog that has a small percentage of Pug mixed in to bring their size down. Their personality is goofy and playful. They have lots of energy to burn, although I would not call them hyper. They will be able to burn off most of their exercise needs in the house just playing. They will enjoy going outside as well and will be well suited for a nice walk around the block. They do have the shorter nose so be mindful in the extreme heat of summer and the extreme cold of winter that they might have a harder time breathing. For the hotter times of the summer make your walks and play time either early or late in the day, mid-day walks are not recommended. Be sure to have air conditioning or a fan available in the summer. They are happy go lucky and will take to anyone, don’t think of using them for guard dogs, they don’t bark very much anyway. They are great with other pets and will love the company of children. Training should be direct but not harsh, they have a more sensitive personality. Be consistent with your approach and remember that repetition is what teaches a dog. Some basic puppy classes would be a good investment. Being a Bull they may be more likely to have some biting issues, if this occurs you need to immediately correct this. Their coat is short and coarse. A curry brush is recommended to keep shedding down. When washing is needed use only an all-natural shampoo that is Ph balanced for dogs. The ingredients will use natural conditioners for the skin which is much better than your chemical bases. Bulls are known for a more sensitive skin type. Also feed a quality, all natural large breed food and that will also help their skin and coat to stay soft and will also help with joint issues. Bulldogs can be prone to food allergies, so only feed a corn-free food. This would be a good mix for kids who want a dog that plays. They will be big enough to handle a little rougher play than some of the toy breeds. This is a fun mix who will bring you many years of laughter.